Thursday, 4 November 2010

Busy busy busy!

Well this week has been mad! I'm super busy at work right now, which is the excuse I'm using for being off the radar for a while. I work in events and advertising and yesterday was the biggest event of the year (which I'm responsible for organising!). Luckily all went well and I got plenty of exercise running around like a mad person. Anyway I digress, stats for this week:

Week 13 weight loss 2lb (total weight loss 34lb)

I have to admit I got home from work at 9pm last night and succumbed to a small chocolate lollypop which we bought for trick or treaters - I know it's naughty, but I felt like I earned it!

Really looking forward to this weekend - going to a bonfire night tomorrow, I love fireworks!!


  1. Well done Carrie!!! Nice to see you back - I had a kind of busy week too and it is weird how much I missed the blogging!
    Glad your event went well - must be a relief that it is over!
    PS enjoy the fireworks

  2. I know, I miss it too. Hope that you have a nice relaxing weekend planned after your busy week. xx