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Chocolate Pancake

Perfect if your missing your missing a chocolate fix! There's no photo because it doesn't look that exciting, but it tastes good!

1 Egg
1.5 tblsp 0% fat Fromage Frais
1 tblsp Oatbran
1 tblsp Canderel/ sugar substitue
1 tsp reduced fat cocoa powder

1. Mix the ingredients together
2. Fry using frylight

Strawberry Cupcakes

I followed a recipe I found on Lauren's blog for moist vanilla muffins, with a few twists:
1) I used a muller light strawberry yogurt instead of vanilla
2) I used 6 tbs of oat bran and no wheat bran
3) I made 12 mini cupcakes rather than 6 muffins

Steak with mustard sauce and bistro salad

I made a mustard sauce to accompany my steak yesterday, here's how:

1) Fry onions in Frylight until they soften and then add the mushrooms.
2) Add 2tblsp of quark or o% fat fromage frais per person and 1 tsp of Dijon Mustard into the frying pan and heat through.
3) Season with cracked black pepper to taste and serve over steak.

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