Saturday, 26 February 2011

A typical day in food.

For Lauren (and anyone else who might be interested in what I've been eating) here is what I eat on a typical week day:

Breakfast: Activia fruit fat free yogurt
Snack: mini babybel light
Lunch: 4 thick shavings of meat (usually turkey or beef)
Snack: Activia fat free vanilla yogurt
Dinner: Turkey meatballs in a creamy sauce made with fat free cream cheese and stock (pp) or chicken wrapped in prosciutto with carrot and swede mash and red cabbage (pv) followed by a chocolate and cherry galette (using activia low fat cherry yogurt and low fat cocoa - yum!)

Drinks: heaps of tea and coffee, plus 1L water and 1/2 cans of Diet Coke
Exercise: 1.5 hrs of walking per day

At the weekend I usually have my galette for breakfast and something different for lunch like a salad if I'm PV or a selection of cured meats and fresh roast chicken if I'm PP. I sometimes cheat a bit at the weekends too with a glass or wine or some chocolate or a tiny bit of dessert if we have a dinner party, but I try to compensate for this by doing more exercise, today I went for a half hour run.

I've just started training for a 5K run to raise money for cancer research in June, so I shall be stepping up the exercise as soon as the weather gets a bit better! xx

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  1. You're doing GREAT! I love that you're in a 5K run! Always thought of it, never done it!
    I really admire your commitment to your food during the day. I find it very hard and i don't know why i always make bad choices :( .. I'll try to do better this week.