Sunday, 1 May 2011

Just checking in...

Hello Dukan Dieters! Just a quick update to say that all is going well on the Dukan, still losing weight and I'm now at a healthy BMI - I've lost 4 stone in total.

The weight certainly doesn't come off as quickly as it did before, but despite a carb-filled holiday to France, Easter Eggs and a cake-fest this weekend in aid of the Royal Wedding I'm maintaining my weight loss fairly easily.

Who could resist a croissant or two, with this gorgeous view from the balcony of our cottage in France?!
With one last push to lose another 18lbs before my holiday to Florida (which has been postponed till September) I need to be much stricter and stop allowing myself to succumb to chocolate.

I'm now running 6km a few times a week training for my charity race which is helping to tone up the wobbly bits.

Hope all is going well for you all. xx


  1. Hi Carrie! Welcome back! OMG your picture looks amazing! Ahhh france! Must have been an awesome vacation! I linked you on the site so check it out:

    if you are on facebook, check out Many people can definitely learn from your experiences!

    Take care,

  2. 4 stone! How inspiring! Minnie xXx