Monday, 22 August 2011

A good week - minus some cupcakes

On the whole, this week has gone well. I lost 2lbs and mainly stuck to my menu plan, I did heaps of Zumba and I'm definitely noticing that my body is toning up. Even my hubby commented that my arrms felt very toned the other day.

About those cupcakes.... well I was at a babyshower, it would have been rude not to! I seemed to be one of the only people without a baby or a bump - so I didn't want to single myself out any more by refusing a cupcake or two.

Anyways, here is my menu for the week ahead....

Monday (PV) - Thai Chicken Curry
Tuesday (PV) - Pizza Express - Pollo Vedure Salad
Wednesday - (PV) - Steak with mushroom sauce and vegetables
Thursday (PV) - Chicken with tomato salad
Friday (PV) - Bolognaise
Saturday (PP) - BBQ
Sunday (PP) - Ham omlette

Hope everyone has a good week xx


  1. Hi, I am curious as to what's happened to your diet... There's no updates since August, have you given up? I am 2 months into the diet and I am starting to panic that I will put all the weight back on by seeing all these abandoned Dukan Diet blogs...

  2. Hi there! Firstly, don't panic, so long as you follow the Duran principles and don't go back to bad eating habits, you won't gain the weight back. I've had to take a break from the diet for a while, I'm still eating a healthy diet though and apart from gaining 5lbs whilst indulging on holiday I have maintained my weight loss and I'm very happy. I'll be posting a 2012 update with more info next week. Good luck x