Thursday, 2 June 2011

The final countdown

Ok guys - the countdown has begun! 13 weeks till I have to wear a bikini on Miami beach.
So for the past few months I have been merrily maintaining my weight loss - a few naughty treats here and there, I have succumbed to some bad habits I'm afraid. Emotional eating, it's always been a downfall of mine. Why do I think chocolate will solve my problems? 2011 has been a stressful year so far, work has been tough and health issues have really got on top of me. But I going to try and be positive and stop feeling sorry for myself, because dieting is hard when you don't feel 100%.

So here I go full throttle to lose the last few lbs and you never know, I may just find the courage to post a photo of myself in my bikini on Miami beach.

I'm going to be making a few changes to my blog too soon, so watch this space! xx


  1. I too have a very important deadline looming this summer so I understand your desire to get in shape. Look forward to seeing how you get on! xXx

  2. Oooh what have you got coming up Skinny Minnie? xx