Tuesday, 19 October 2010

True weight debate.

My weekend celebration (read copious amounts of forbidden alchohol) has got me thinking about consolidation and my true weight.

As you'll already know when you calculate your true weight on the Dukan website, you're asked to enter what weight you'd like to be (mine was 9 stone 7lbs) and then it provides your true weight (9 stone 10lbs). I'm interested to know how you decided what weight you want to be and how this differs from your true weight.

I'm almost half way there now and I can already feel a huge difference, I'm starting to wonder whether I really need to loose another 3 stone. This would put me at the lower end of a healthy weight range for my height, which would be great, but I'm just worried about keeping the weight off.

I think that losing weight is relatively easy compared to maintaining your weight loss. It's where I've always slipped up in the past. That's one of the reason that I chose the Dukan diet, because it doesn't end when the weight loss does. I guess I need to have faith in consolidation, when I finally get there!

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