Sunday, 3 October 2010

A weekend off.

Well I've had a pretty busy weekend, friends round for dinner on Friday and then a wedding all day yesterday. I tried to stick to the diet as much as possible, but I did allow myself a few treats. For the dinner party I served antipasti of cured meats and olives, meatballs in spicy goulash sauce and then warm chocolate orange pudding with chocolate sauce. Mainly dukan friendly, but I have to admit I did try a bit of the pudding "for taste".

At the wedding I thought I would allow myself a drink or two (which ended up being or four), I avoided anything too carb heavy but I did eat most of the dessert - white chocolate icecream with a warm chocolate and pistachio fondant...mmm! The wedding reception was at the same venue where we had our wedding and it was lovely to be back there, it really brought back memories. It also made me wish that I'd known about the Dukan diet when I was trying lose weight for my wedding, but you can't change the past can you.

Anyway, I'm now following a pattern of 2/2 for my PV/PP  to mix things up a bit, hopefully it will help with my loss this week.


  1. Hey hunny!

    Weddings are a special occasion, as far as I'm concerned, on Dukan. Cruise is quite forgiving and you can just take things up where you left off after a big celebration.

    I've been trying for the 2/2 for my PV/PP mix as well, though it's not been working out exactly as I planned, but my PV days are equalling out ot my PP days. 2/2 is easier in terms of leftovers, I've decided.

    Stick with it, sweets! You'll be fine. :)

    Charlotte xx

  2. Well I think you are doing great. Weddings and any kind of party are so hard. The ice cream sounded delish!!

    Glad you enjoyed the wedding.