Friday, 24 June 2011

Race for life

On wednesday I donned a pair of flashing bunny ears and joined my mother-in-law and 2000 other women running 5K to raise money for Cancer Research. It's something that I've always wanted to do, not only raising money for such an important cause, but actually running 5K!

Post-race with my Mum-in-Law!

This time last year, it's safe to say that I would not have been able to do it - I couldn't even run for more than 5 minutes without needing to walk, so it felt great collecting my medal at the end of the race!

Now I'm thinking perhaps a 10K next year...


  1. Well done. That is awesome! :)

  2. I read in one of your posts that you did the 5/5 rotation ... is that how you started with the cruise phase? And did you contiune that till the end? thanks! :)

  3. Thanks guys! Julie, I've done 5/5 for the majority of the time - I tried 1/1 for a week or so, but didn't find that the weight came off as quickly. Hope this helps : )

  4. Well done! I love the bunny ears x