Friday, 10 January 2014

Attack (again)!

Oh hey! Happy 2014 to you. 

I am kicking the new year off by starting the Dukan diet once again. I have just completed a 7 day Attack and lost 5lbs which I am thrilled with. time... If I could sum up the last year in a montage it would involve me trying, and failing, to lose weight over and over, eating A LOT of very yummy food, paying for a gym membership and barely using it (and adjusting to life as the mum of a very adorable little boy). 

It fair to say that I have neglected my diet and fitness in a big way and have gained a lot off weight on top of not losing my pregnancy weight. In order to lose weight I think you have to be 100% committed to it and last year I really wasn't, but no excuses now! I am back and more determined than ever. 
Blogging was a very important part of my weight loss journey last time, it made me feel accountable to somebody - that's you reader - and very supported! So please stop by and say hello.

I have lots of new recipes to share, weekly dinner menu plans on Mondays and weigh ins will be every Friday, so join me for my next Dukan adventure! 

Carrie xx

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