Saturday, 4 September 2010

Back on track!

Just a quick update to say the scales are finally moving downwards again! Yay! I'm 3/4 of a lb of my first mini goal, it's nail biting.

I've been doing quite a bit of clothes shopping this week, because it's nice to try stuff on when it actually fits nicely. It's probably a bad idea I know because in a few months these clothes will too big. But you have to reward yourself don't you? I do have some old clothes that I'm fitting back in to which is good, but fashions move on fast and some of my smaller clothes are a bit dated now. I'm interested to know what my weight loss buddies do - buy new clothes while they're losing weight or wear old clothes even if they're a bit dated?

Anyway clothing dilemma's aside, I've added a new page on my blog with what I've been eating and recipes. I don't blog regularly enough at the moment to post my daily menus, but I thought I'd put anything that I've enjoyed on there.

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  1. I'm finally fitting into some of old clothes now too!! YAY...

    I think it's important to wear clothes that fit properly when you're losing weight, if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, the motivation is there to keep going.

    I've been altering my clothes that are getting too big (I had to get two inches taken in on a pair of black pants!!)...they were my fat pants, and I don't intend to EVER fit into them properly again, so altering them is a great option.

    I've also been rewarding myself with a few dresses :)

    Good luck! x