Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Vegas baby!

Week 5 - Total weightloss 4.5lbs

So it's been a good week! Totally made up for my failure to shift a single lb last week. But now I'm about to face my biggest challenge yet - a week in Vegas - without totally undoing all my hard work. It's not gonna be easy.

I'm not quite finished packing yet and my cats are not helping matters ...

I don't think they want me to go. Anyway, I must get on with the packing and I'll be back in a week to let you know the damage done in Vegas!

Palazzo here I come...


  1. Hey Carrie! I hope you're having a fantastic time in Vegas - love the kitty pics. Though cats are very good at being distractions. Our wee Link would make me late for every day at work if I let him... ;-)

    Charlotte x

  2. Hi Carrie :) Let us know how you went in Vegas....I'm sure it wasn't easy! Can't wait to hear xoxo