Friday, 6 August 2010

Dukan do it!

So I've chosen to follow the Dukan diet - and it's pretty extreme! I've followed lots of diets before, the most successful being weight watchers, but I needed something different this time. Weight watchers is a great diet, there's so much flexibility and you can pretty much eat anything, within reason, but I find the weight loss slow and it's easy to over indulge inadvertently by not measuring something or forgetting to add points. That said I may well revert to it once I've reached my goal weight (9 stone 10 according to Dr Dukan) to help me maintain it.

Anyway I wanted a diet that helped you to lose weight quickly and something that was structured - this seemed to fit the bill nicely. I bought the book from amazon after reading some impressive reviews and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

The book is easy to read and has some interesting ideas about additional ways to lose weight, like turning the heating down in your house to 23 degrees so that your body has to work harder and burn calories to keep your body temperature regulated. Interesting, but not particularly useful in summer!

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  1. This is exactly my thoughts. I did the weight watchers diet many years ago and it was a great way to maintain a healthy weight whilst also being flexible and now with the new pro points plan more flexible, but you dont get the instand results. I have just started the Dukan diet and I have been reading a couple of thinspirational blogs, yours being one of them ofcourse. I thought i'd do the extreme part of the diet, go through the stages, bear in mind the three rules and use weightwatchers as a back up to maintain the weight. Its good to see the things that others have been eating and recipes, and I am starting to post a few myself so hopefully I can help others in the way others blogs are helping me. Aimee