Monday, 23 August 2010

Socially awkward...

Lately my social life has been testing my will power. At a BBQ this weekend I literally had to fend off friends, who were desperate to ply me with alcohol. If another person asks me whether I'm not drinking because I'm pregnant, I'm going to scream!

What is the big deal about booze? Am I just more fun to be around when I'm hammered....hmmm, I have photographic evidence which would suggest not!

Plus, I have a Birthday dinner coming up this week on a pure protein day - no idea how that will work.

Anyway, I kicked off my exercise as planned today with a 40 minute walk, despite heavy rain. Tomorrow I plan to do a proper workout, cardio, abs, weights - the works.


  1. Gaah! What's with friends who are trying to force alcohol down our throats? Well done for fending them off... ;-)

    As for a birthday dinner on a PP day - that one's easy - just swap over a PP and a PV day. Do two PV days in a row, and then two PP days, then you're back on schedule again.

    Good luck! And well done with the exercise in the heavy rain - if you can do it in foul weather, then chances are you'll be doing it in fine! :)

  2. Aah you're a legend Charlotte! Thanks for the advice :)

  3. have you found any alcohol which is allowed? ive had vodka with slimline tonic on Atkins before with no ill effects...

  4. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I made up my own rules on this one - I try to stick to spirits with a diet mixer on the rare occasion that I drink, but sometimes only cocktails will do (tonight is one such occasion because its Friday and its sunny!)