Friday, 27 August 2010

Under the weather

Summer is officially over and the gloomy weather is making me feel miserable. The temperature has dropped, jumpers and jackets are out of the wardrobe after their brief hibernation and an umbrella has taken up permanent residence in my handbag.
Winter is usually comfort food central for me, so I know that I'll find it difficult once the dark evenings and endless days of thick cloud and heavy rain kick in. Hopefully the thought of looking fabulous for xmas parties will keep me motivated!

The exciting news is that I got my first compliment about the weight loss yesterday from a friend who doesn't know about the diet! Sure my close friends and family tell me that they can see a difference, but I'm never entirely sure whether they're just being nice. Yay, it's official now - there is a visible difference! Once I've lost a stone I'm planning on posting some progress picture, I was hoping to get there by the end of week 4 but despite the PP day this week and heaps of excersise the scales are not budging this week : (

Yesterday I went to one of my favourite cocktail spots and coke. It was a very strange experience indeed! I'm starting to think I might be able to make it through my trip to vegas a few weeks time without the booze - or maybe I'm kidding myself thinking that I can make it though a week in sin city without a sin or two! 

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