Friday, 6 August 2010

Fat free

I've been that girl before, you know,  the one who looks fabulous in anything. When I was 19 I lost about 5 stone on the weight watchers diet and was a skinny minnie all through my uni years. But I came home, got a desk job, ate my husbands cooking and the rest is history. And here I find myself 28 years old and in an even worse situation than before, one I swore I'd never go back to - one I literally used to have nightmares about when I was thin.

My wardrobes (yes pleural, I love to shop) are like a clothes store, with sizes from 8-16 and I have been all of those sizes over the years, but at the moment even 16 feels tight and I need take action.

So if you want to join me on my journey back to slimness, here it goes - post your comments please to let me know you're out there. Perhaps we can help to motivate each other?  


  1. Good luck!! Your wardrobes and their variety of sizes sound just like me!

  2. I'm the same, went up to a size 16 in my late teens then back to 10/12. then every time I'm in a relationship I start gaining again, lose when single, gain in the next relationship etc. married now for 7 years and massive! I have a size 12 to 14 wardrobe rail in the attic, a size 16 rail and a couple bags of 18 too small to squeeze into.